Thorn Lab:

Lab Head: Peter Thorn

peter thorn

Professor Peter Thorn is originally from the UK. He obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University and worked in post-doc positions in Worcester MA and Liverpool University. His first independent position was in the Babraham Institute, UK, then he moved to the Department of Pharmacology in Cambridge University as a lecturer. He was promoted through to Reader over a period of 10 years. Peter moved to the University of Queensland in 2006 and relocated the lab to the Charles Perkins Centre in December 2015. 


Lab members

Post docs

  • Wei Ma


PhD candidates

  • Wan Jun Gan (3rd year)
  • Christine Ludick (2nd year)
  • Jason Tong (1st year





Lab Lunch November 25th 2015

Lab Lunch November 25th 2015

university of queensland
charles perkins centre