The lab provides opportunities for post-docs to pursue projects of relevance to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, fundamental cell physiology, stem cell research and treatments for type 1 diabetes.

We work in a collaborative environment and aim to publish high-quality papers in leading journals.

The lab is well funded through national and international funding bodies such as the NHMRC and JDRF.

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Working at the Charles Perkins Centre


The centre is a vibrant hub of research activity. Early career researchers interact across disciplines and engage in research-focussed activities such as grant-writing skills and seminars.


The university of sydney                         


The university is a G08 university and ranked as one of the best in Australia and the world. There are opportunities to teach into the undergraduate program and to supervise undergraduate research projects.


The lab                                                               


The lab is recognised for its distinct contributions towards our understanding of stimulus-secretion coupling. We have pioneered techniques to look at insulin secretion from intact islets and understanding the key factors in the islet that shape secretory responses.